Rates – Dropping off a loved one is easy as 1-2-3

1. Choose your suite size, based on the size of your pet or pet family

Suites include full day and night stay with up to 5 outdoor walks, TV in suite areas, feeding your provided foods and treats, per pet, per night with additional pets sharing suites 50% off.

Small Mini Suite (our smallest) $34.95thumimg1_03
Accommodates up to 2 toys or a miniature Breed

Big Mini Suite $36.95
Accommodates up to 2 miniatures or medium breed

Medium Suite $40.95
Accommodates up to 1 medium or 3 miniature breeds

Large Suite (our most popular) $44.95
Accommodates up to 2 medium breeds or 1 large breed

Extra large Suite $48.95
Accommodates up to 3 medium breeds or 2 large breeds or 1 extra large breed

Super Suite (our largest) $54.95
Accommodates up to 4 medium breeds or 3 large breeds or 2 extra large breeds

How to size your dog(s) to our suites
Medium dogs up to 50 lbs. Large dogs up to 100 lbs. X-Large over 100lbs. Dogs sizes and breeds may vary.

Cat Condos
per cat, per night. Feed your provided food and treats, Includes litter $29.95 50% off additional same family cats sharing.

Birds and Small Animals
Must bring own cage, food and supplies $19.95 per night

2. Choose Optional Play, full day group or by the hour or even private play

Indoor play options, per dog, per day and includes access to watch our web cam (availability location and times may vary) Your dog only stays in his Suite while napping, eating and night times                                                         
9.95   group play  (most  popular option)    
$ 6.00 per hour group play or
$ 6.00 private play one on one per 15 minutes
fun for large 2

Doggie Daycare Convenient Daycare hours thru out the week
Small Breeds 19.95, medium Breeds 21.95, large Breeds 23.95 per day
Package Discount Rates discount 10 and 25 days available, Small breeds as low as 12.40 Drop your dog off while visiting the theme parks!

 3. Choose an Optional Spa Bath, Great before going home and after playing
Stay 2 or more nights and receive $5.00 off all spa baths, prices as low as $18.95 prices will vary with breed and size. We will confirm once you check-in.
We highly recommend Canine Influenza Vaccine given as many states have had confirmed cases including Florida in the past  Please consult your vet, allow 2-4 weeks for shots most are 2 part. Not only recommended  for boarding/daycare facilities, but anywhere your dog can come in contact with dogs, Vets,  petsitters/homecare, furniture can not be sanitized, stores, dog parks and walk areas, etc. Preppy Pet Orlando uses professional precautions including Germicidal air systems and solutions.